R.I.P., Bat Boy

August 16th, 2007

 The final issue of Weekly World News, or as May Mackenzie called it, “the Paper,” will hit newsstands on August 27. And I must say, I’m sad to see it go.

Without WWN, how else would we have known that Mother Nature has endorsed Al Gore for President? Or where could we have read about the Man Related to Shakespeare?  

It’s no WSJ, but WWN has certainly established itself as a timeless media icon (sadly, perhaps moreso than the WSJ in some parts of the country). Take WWN’s resident- tortured-soul and Hall of Fame cover boy, “Bat Boy”. Since the story of this half-bat, half-human debuted fifteen years ago, it’s spawned countless stories and pop culture references, millions of web references and even an off-Broadway musical.

According to WWN, Bat Boy has been engaged to Hilary Clinton, fought Saddam Hussein in Iraq, been captured by the FBI and appointed to the Supreme Court. Now that’s a newsworthy career…

In a media world rife with ridiculous stories about Lindsay Lohan, it was nice to have a place to escape with ridiculous stories about aliens, mermen and 9,000-lb toddlers – which are a lot more interesting and less bizarre than the celeb fodder US Weekly cranks out.
Rest in peace, Bat Boy. Rest in peace.

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