Mad Props for Media Mad Man

August 17th, 2007

After seeing loud-mouthed investment guru Jim Cramer go off and call the Fed Chairman “nuts” on national television last week, I thought what I think a lot of other people probably thought – ‘what an idiot’. Then I put my public relations hat on and I said to myself, “this man’s a media genius.”

Why the change of heart?

Because, while I may not agree with what he’s saying, he’s saying it louder, with greater passion and quite differently than anyone else out there. And that demands reaction; that demands attention. He’s throwing a flag in the ground and saying, “I dare you not to listen.”  Not coincidentally, after his initial CNBC rant, he was on the much more heavily watched Today Show answering to Matt Lauer fielding questions on why he responded so fervently.

Cramer is a prime example of the media rule that says quoteability trumps credibility. Is he the most accomplished financial guru in the world? He’s done fine, but the answer is no. Is he the most recognizable one? The answer to that, at least right now, may be yes. Cramer makes for good television; he gives good sound bites, and you can always count on him for some excitement. Therein lies the quoteability the media and the public crave.

So Jim Cramer, keep screaming like a banshee and saying outrageous things whenever you feel like it. You’ve got no choice. That’s who we expect you to be, and that’s who you have to be if you want to stay in the limelight.

I won’t bash you anymore. I’ll just sit back and give mad props to the man who made Mad Money, a household name. Holla!

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