Michael Vick’s Longest Yard

August 29th, 2007

I know, I know. The cancellation of Michael Vick’s interview with a local radio station this morning due to a “scheduling conflict” has friends and foes alike in an uproar. From a crisis communications standpoint, however, this was a great decision made on Vick’s behalf by his advisors.

In any crisis situation, the first step is to validate concerns and the second is to show action. While we certainly do not condone Vick’s behavior, his apology was top-notch and more than validated concerns. In his apology, Vick took full responsibility for his actions, calling his behavior immature and stating that he was disappointed in himself. Nowhere in his apology did he point the finger at others or deny the extent to which he was involved. His next step now is to show action and conducting media interviews should not come as a top priority. Vick needs to prove that he is sorry with action – as a great prophet (or someone smart) said: actions speak louder than words. Instead of rehashing his wrongs, he needs to focus on making it right, whether it’s through volunteer work for PETA or working with the children he referenced in his apology. His actions need to show he’s concerned that his child fans and admirers don’t grow up to make the same bad decisions he did.

So to supporters, friends, enemies and the like, let’s let Vick show us what he’s made of. From the looks of it, he’s at least on the right track to surviving Crisis Communications 101.

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