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January 18th, 2007

Just attended a gret session on blogging. It was a PPRA luncheon on blogging with Will Bunch, Philadelphia Daily News’ resident blogger (check out Will’s blog “Attytood” if you’re not a regular reader). Apart from getting to try out food from one of the city’s newer restaurants, she said it was worth going to hear from a guy who’s been doing this blogging thing for a few years now. He gave some lessons and tips on creating a good blog, but what was most valuable was hearing that despite having the power of the region’s largest website behind him, he still had to work pretty hard at getting readers to his blog.T-Shirt1.jpg

This is a new world to a lot of us, and it’s exciting to see that even blog veterans like Will have to keep challenging themselves. As a blogger, I know I’m inspired to learn more, write better and post faster — and I promise that’s not just ‘cause she asked Will to come critique our blog.

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