Mmmmmmm… Baaaaaconnnnn

September 12th, 2007

“Bacon – it’s not just for breakfast anymore.”

“Bacon – better than spam, but not as good as steak”

“Move over Spam, there’s a new email term in town”

Still don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, it’s been almost three weeks since you should’ve gotten a Google alert about “Bacn,” the newest Internet buzz word to irritate everyone sick of Internet buzzwords (ironic coming from a blogger, isn’t it?).

Bacn’s a term for email you get that’s not quite spam, but not quite personalized communication you’re necessarily excited to open. The term was first uttered by blogger Tommy Vallier at Podcast Pittsburgh, an August geekfest on all things new media, and has quickly since swept the blogosphere. According to NPR, “Bacn refers to notices from Facebook notifications, bank statements, Google news alerts, or any of the other sundry e-mails that you asked for, yet quickly pile up unread—like a week’s worth of newspapers.”

Not unlike the pile-up of “Bacn” and “spam” and whatever other unnecessary emails are popping into your inbox, attempts to coin the latest and greatest phrase are equally unnecessary. I mean, do we really need to classify every email category?

As happy as I am to refer to an email notification as, well, an email notification, I’m impressed by the wave of publicity Bacn’s garnered. It’s not surprising, though. Bacn employs all the characteristics of phrases coined before it – it’s simple, easy to remember and conjures up thoughts about artery-clogging breakfast meat.

So while the “Bacn” originator’s fifteen minutes are almost up (think about it – can you name the guy who coined the term “spam?”), we’ve got yet another unnecessary phrase to describe emails for years to come.

Thanks a lot, whatever your name is.

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