September 25th, 2007

iTunes regularly sells songs compilation style according to genre, era or some other common thread. You can buy 50 or so songs that serve as a crash course in your sound-du-jour. They have everything from “Classic Elvis” to “80s Punk” to “Titans of Opera.” It’s a great way for interested listeners to discover new types of music.

But here’s where Apple really puts it to work. There’s one compilation called “Commercial Appeal.” It’s contents? Hip, underground songs that appear in today’s latest commercials – all those songs that get stuck in your head but you just don’t know who wrote them. What’s more, the first five songs on the compilation are from – you guessed it – Apple ads. Feist’s “1234,” the playful, bouncy tune that drives the new iPod nano ads, is at the top of the list. Simply brilliant.

Running through the ads – I mean songs – I began to think about the smartness of the whole thing. Companies like Liberty Mutual, Kia, Tide and more were reaching me because of the songs they selected for their ads. It wasn’t the effectiveness of their ads, but the second go-around as a song sold on iTunes that got my attention.

The takeaway? Cross-promotion across an ever-increasing number of channels is a very smart way to deliver your brand to an audience. I specifically say brand – not product – on purpose there. I don’t care about what Liberty Mutual is selling, but I dig them for using “The Part Where You Let Go” by Hem in their ad.

Oh, and props to Apple for putting the whole thing together.

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