Apparently, there IS crying in baseball

October 11th, 2007

Consider this another nail in professionalism’s coffin. Have you heard Suzyn Waldman’s sniffling, crying and downright juvenile post-game commentary after her beloved Yankees were ousted from MLB playoffs this week?

What would Tom Hanks say?

It’s one thing for sports announcers to be homers, rooting on the home team and serving as the “voice of the fan.” But to break down in tears like an eight-year-old because your team lost, well, I call that a new low. At the risk of sounding nostalgic, Yankee radio broadcasts were once the home of Hall of Fame talents like Mel Allen and Red Barber, legends for the role they played in defining sports broadcasting. Now, their broadcasts are merely a source of comedy at best… pity at worst.

Waldman has been quick to vilify her critics as sexist saying ostensibly that it was okay for her to cry because she’s a woman. Thank you for setting women in broadcasting back a couple of decades.

As the late, great Allen would’ve said, “How about that!”

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