Colors in Cultures

May 20th, 2010

Last month, David McCandless, author of Information is Beautiful, came up with yet another gorgeous infographic. This one delves into 13 colors and their emotional representation across the span of 10 cultures. The 84 emotions range from Anger to Joy to Success to Wisdom and how various cultures express that emotion with a particular color. It’s interesting to see the overlap. For example, the color Red is used a lot to represent Excitement, Love, Danger, Heat and Anger. At the same time, Love is also represented by Green, Yellow and Blue in other cultures.

These are just interesting things to take into consideration when dealing with, and designing for, global clients. For example, while Black might represent Death in Western / American, Japanese and Native American cultures, the Hindu and Chinese use White, South Americans use Green and Muslims use Silver. It’s interesting to see the spectrum of colors and how they’re used throughout a spectrum of emotions.

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