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December 7th, 2006

This is a blog about words and deeds. Ya know, what people today call communications. (casual and friendly opening) Not the kind of words called copy or content or bullets or messages. (stream of consciousness tone) And not the kind of deeds that are just for show – but the kind that actually mean something to people.

There’s a great quote from Bill Swanson, CEO of aerospace contractor Raytheon. (outside expert citation) He says that people remember a third of what they read, half of what they are told, but 100% of what they feel. Now, he’s no Dr. Phil (pop culture reference), but he’s right. We all want to feel something.

If you go and do a CSI of today’s modern communications (use of noun as verb), you’ll find that they’er (mispelling) delivered dead on arrival. They risk nothing. They say nothing. Think about it – they are no better than graffiti. (mixing un-related metaphors) To the graffiti artist, the act is artful self expression, but to the beholder it is worse than a waste of paint – it obscures the otherwise pure view of things. It’s true of most communication. (provocative point of view)

This is one of my favorite videos on communication. (interesting visual element)

Presidential Speechalist

What’s better than words? No words. And for many companies, that’s what they should stick with. (lots of links) But for those who strive to be good communicators, hopefully this blog will provide some insight.

Clearly, I own a public relations firm which to many people means I plan parties. (author transparency) But today’s PR agencies have a much bigger communications job.

Since the purpose of this blog and my life is to sharpen communications tools and techniques – let me ask you a question. When is the time you heard a great story? Or were actually moved by words or deeds of a person or company? (questions for pondering) That’s what I’m blogging about. (clever ending)

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