Chiquita's Visual Experiment

August 26th, 2010

Who knew something so small could attract such attention. We’ve all done it one time or another, chosen a bunch of bananas because of the funny labels that are adorning that particular one. Now Chiquita is giving the public the opportunity to customize their own labels, and submit them. The submitted customized labels will be entered into a competition that will award the top 18 designs by producing the labels and sticking them on actual bananas. The website has already garnered more than 25,000 custom stickers in less than five months, and 1,355 of them have been entered into the contest. Voting began Tuesday and continues through September 12.

Chiquita reps were quoted using the word “emotional” several times to describe the popularity of the stunt, referring to the emotional connection consumers had with the stickers. Design:Related put it best when they said the stickers “just look cool.”

Whether it’s emotional relevance or just looks cool, the contest is still a great way for Chiquita to attract attention to its brand and minimalist packaging, and inadvertently promote heathy eating.

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