Will T-Mobile Make Nice With AT&T?

March 30th, 2011

From a marketing perspective, perhaps what interests me the most about AT&T’s proposed $39B acquisition of T-Mobile is how the two companies will play nice with one another if the deal goes through.  After all, keep in mind since November that T-Mobile has aggressively critiqued AT&T’s network through their myTouch 4G ad campaign parodying Apple’s successful “I’m a Mac” commercials.

In the spots, T-Mobile calls out AT&T for being slow, unreliable and altogether cumbersome – portraying the network as a balding, slow-talking, vanilla businessman who keeps trying to restrict the usage of iPhone users in its network.

To say the least, it’s not exactly a warm embrace of what could be T-Mobile’s new parent company. For now, AdAge reports that the T-Mobile ad spots aren’t going anywhere and will proceed as planned before the acquisition was announced. Still, it will be interesting to follow the ad campaign’s progression throughout the year and monitor whether the anti-AT&T spots are transitioned out in favor of softer, promotional commercials like the recent one touting the new Galaxy S phone.

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