10 Best Ways To Get Your Blog Noticed

April 14th, 2011

Blogs are one of the best social media tools for generating visibility in your market and in the media…unless no one sees them.  Most people suffering from “invisible blog syndrome” believe the quick answer is to post better content.  That’s one answer, but not the best.  Even with videos, graphics, links and smart and clever insights, you still need an audience.

Instead of re-working your content, start working on comments – not on your blog, but on others.  Before hundreds or thousands of readers can enjoy your pearls of webified wisdom, you need to get yourself noticed.

It helps to think of your market as a neighborhood and your blog as your house party.  You know that there are already a handful of well attended parties going on at houses up the block and around the corner.  The best way to attract people to your house (blog) is to attend other parties and make a good impression.  In blogging, it’s called a commenting strategy.

Find out where your key communities are online and listen to what they are talking about.  You don’t have to do this alone.  Delegate 10 or so company listeners to share the work.  Monitor blogs, microsites, and industry forums.  Sign up for feeds to the top bloggers, tweeters and influencers in your world.  Then, designate a regular meeting time to discuss patterns and topics.

Once you think you have the hang of things, begin commenting on others’ blogs.

We’ve assembled the top commenting strategies we’ve used to juice up blog readership and comments for businesses in diverse industries.

  1. Make a commitment – Current web wisdom dictates that you spend three times the energy on commenting as you do on your content.
  2. Comment early and often – Most blog readers don’t read past the first few comments. To be noticed, be in the top two.  Make sure your content or signature always links back to your blog.
  3. Mash up your content – Before posting your comment, ask a prominent blogger for a quote or reference or co-post.  Most times that will ensure a mutual link to your content in theirs. The Philadelphia Inquirer is one of many news outlets currently running a Metro Mash Up.  Theirs is called Blinq – featuring insights from 4-5 top local reporters.  Today it has a great post on the “art of mash ups.”
  4. Offer to write a guest blog – Blogging takes a lot of work.  Email a favorite blogger and ask to write a guest post.  Now you have a bigger audience who may go find your blog.
  5. Cross post – Every post should automatically be cross posted on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.  This is the blocking and tackling of blogging.
  6. Plant seeds in online communities – Online communities are different than blogs.  They are a place where groups talk about a variety of topics.  Jump in with a comment or link to your post.
  7. Create event on Facebook or LinkedIn – There are groups on Facebook and Linkedin that are already talking.  Create a discussion group or virtual roundtable to get yourself and your blog noticed as a leader.
  8. Expand your horizons – Business, tech, management – most businesses are part of more than one market.  Think about how your blog content may also be helpful in the worlds of management, business, HR and others.
  9. Optimize for key words – Searches are still the primary way people find content.  Look carefully at your blog content and make sure your words match the way people think and search for your topic.
  10. Recruit a promotion force – Face it. The younger employees know far more about social media than the old folks.  Make sure they are taking each post and sending it to the far reaches of their networks.  The more places it goes, the greater your chance people will see it.

What’s missing? What strategies have you used to get your blog noticed?

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3 Responses to “10 Best Ways To Get Your Blog Noticed”

  1. Arthur E. says:

    I found your blog very insightful, especially in regards to cross posting and expanding horizons. In today’s social media mess, I try to push my message into all realms of web 2.0 and your ten helpful hints will be put to good use. It is also a great idea to ask those who have been blogging since the beginning for help; it certainly never hurts to hear from an expert. I will consider this comment the first in a long line of comments soon to come!

  2. Damian says:

    Big fan of your page, numerous your posts have definitely helped me out. Looking forward to improvements!

  3. Jason Ginenthal says:

    Great points all around. One thing I’ve noticed in helping past clients get attention to their blogs is to pay attention to the news.

    If there’s a hot topic out there in the media — and a client can write a good post about it — it’s best to do so as early as possible.

    You’d be surprised how that can drive traffic. And, if the blog itself is good, a portion of those first-time visitors will turn into regulars.

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