Revisited: The search for the new Aflac spokesduck

April 15th, 2011

Two weeks ago, we told you about Aflac’s PR and crisis control masterpiece. Now that the open call for a new spokesduck has come to a close, we can’t help but wonder what will come of the search. Will the new voice-behind-the-duck bring integrity, compassion and trust to the brand, as Laura Kane, vice president of external relations for Aflac, hopes?

That all depends on what Aflac does next, how they handle establishing a new spokesperson to serve as the duck’s voice. Just like we told Ragan’s Matt Wilson, we say that Aflac should work to keep the good will they’ve gotten from the open call for the new voice, but then let the mascot stand for itself and disassociate it from the human person. That way, Aflac can build the brand that they want and hopefully avoid another blunder like Gilbert Gottfried‘s badly timed and inappropriately worded joke.

Read On: Check out more of our perspective and others’ in Ragan’s article: Aflac seeks a voice of integrity in its new spokesduck.

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