935 Fibs. And No One Cares.

January 24th, 2008

The Washington Post recently ran an article that looked at the falsehoods of the Iraq War issued by the White House since Day 1.  In short, the Center for Public Integrity poured over interviews, speeches, official records and everything in between to gather nearly 1,000 statements issued from the Executive Branch related to the War that were simply false.  Now liberal leanings aside, one needs to ask, “Is this for real?  Can this really be true?”  The answer is dishearteningly, “Yes.”

What baffles me even more is the fact that this sort of insanity receives zero attention while steroids in baseball gets an entire Congressional interrogation and report in order to root out a handful of cheating ballplayers.  Hell, Bill Clinton was crucified for lying about his own personal life – a far lesser offense than spending over 3,900 American lives on a War built on false pretenses.

Since the President has entered his lame duck stages earlier than anyone before him, it’s easy to see why no one cares about these 935 lies.  Any sort of action (i.e. impeachment) would take us far past January 20, 2009.  It’s just a shame that government can get so sick – regardless of partisanship.  But that’s Washington for you…

Here’s to a fresh start come election day

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