Charting your Company’s Course through a Shared Vision

May 13th, 2011

Your company’s vision statement is a forward-looking statement that succinctly articulates your reason for being and charts a course for the future.

Chances are your vision – provided your company even has one – is also something that is largely symbolic and all but forgotten.  Sure, it may appear on your website or is on display in your conference room, but how many of your employees can recite your vision from memory if prompted on the spot? And of those, how many could explain how their efforts directly help to achieve this vision?

For an established medical device company, we unveiled a new company vision through a video that captures the true purpose and ultimate value of their employees’ collective efforts: improving the quality of a patient’s life. This video was sent to the homes of every employee as part of the kick-off to a multi-year effort to foster culture change at the company through a balance of culture infusion, scheduled communications, and credibility initiatives (See: Building your Brand Identity from Within ).

Can you recite your company’s vision statement? Tell us what has your company has done to make the vision meaningful to employees at all levels of the company.

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