Objection! To Law Firm Ads.

February 7th, 2008

The debate has grown steadily over the years – should attorneys advertise? The majority of lawyers seem to consider advertising – or marketing of any kind – as tawdry and cheap. Others argue that they have every right to market their business. Some states outlaw the practice of advertising for law firms altogether. 

Now, the fight has reached the courts in New York and Florida.

Over the last decade, law firms have struggled with their profession’s historic aversion to marketing. Most have decided it’s a necessary evil. Many have hired Chief Marketing Officers to drag them into this brave new world. But none of them have really figured out how to differentiate themselves through public relations and advertising while still striking the proper tone.

So… should lawyers advertise? Perhaps they should be allowed to – we’ll leave that decision to the courts. However, the evidence suggests that if they choose to, they ought to aim a little higher. The word “cheesy” springs too mind.

It’s fair to say it isn’t just our opinion… would you hire an attorney who’s made fun of on youtube?

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