3 Steps to Social Media Magic

July 11th, 2011

Businesses of all shapes, sizes and services are entering the world of social media. Some are soaring to success, while others are struggling to keep their heads above water. There’s no doubt that social media is now an essential arm of marketing; but it’s also becoming clear that ineffective social campaigns can be more detrimental than beneficial.

The biggest concern for most organizations when entering the world of social media is streamlining.  They want to minimize the steps and maximize the profit.  This is a logical goal, but your campaign will fail if it’s your first priority. Here are three steps to follow to put you on the path to social media success.

  1. Ask WHY early and often.What many companies forget is that social media is about the consumer.  You have to understand what is making them follow you, like you or link with you.  Why are they going to connect and why are they going to stay?  For some it may be interesting content, but for others it may be deals and discounts. It all starts with the consumer and THEN moves to the business.
  2. Put on your listening ears. - Another key to social media is the interaction it provides. The word social is in the term for a reason. Your consumers want to be heard and Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and the countless other sites provide them with a microphone. However, when those words fall on deaf ears, a brand advocate can transform into a brand assailant. This happens when companies attempt to streamline the social media process by regularly posting content, but rarely responding to or interacting with followers. It only takes one quick click for customers to disengage, so don’t tempt them. Keep them interested, listen and respond to what they have to say, because after all, they are your biggest asset.
  3. Keep it consistent. – The easiest and fastest way to weaken your credibility in the social realm is through inconsistent messaging. If you don’t know who you are or what your company is about, how are your consumers expected to? Why would your customers engage with a company that can’t even identify itself? Social media is simply another avenue to tell your story, so make sure you do it right and that you keep it consistent!

Social Media is a powerful tool, but it must be used properly, and the process cannot be rushed or shortchanged.

Social Media Maven: What has your experience with social media been like? What social media blunders have you made? What winning tactics have you discovered?

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