An Important Branding Lesson from Michael Vick

September 1st, 2011

If you a) like football, b) are from Philadelphia or c) visited any major news sites in the past few days, odds are you’ve heard about Michael Vick’s new $100 million contract with the Philadelphia Eagles.  Commentators across the country are referring to Vick as a second chance success story, but more than that Vick is a shining example of a successful rebound and rebrand. 

Two years ago, Vick was by far the most disliked player in the NFL.  After numerous public apologies, a prison sentence and a documentary, fans still saw him as nothing more than a criminal.  Over the past two years Vick has made a complete 180; rather than being a social chameleon, he has solidified who he is and who he wants to become.

Vick has shown that he is a leader, team player and community activist through his words and actions.  He has kept his nose clean (other than a minor hiccup at his birthday party) and stayed out of the ego-limelight.  The Michael Vick we’ve come to love over the past two years regularly participates in youth outreach events, has partnered with The Humane Society of the United States, speaks out against dog fighting at local public schools and has displayed humbled gratitude for his second chance.  By clearly identifying what he stands for and making his new story the center of his marketing efforts, he has successfully shifted from scandal, back to stardom. 

If you’re trying to rebrand yourself or your company, take a page from Vick’s playbook and make your master narrative the heart and driving force behind your every market decision.  Effective branding requires consistency and coordination.  Every aspect of your organization, from speeches to signage to sales decks should reflect your master narrative.  Too often companies and individuals  get distracted by industry jargon or hot topics and lose track of the powerful, memorable and repeatable story that makes them unique.  Effective branding shouldn’t simply tell people who you are, it should help them see and feel it for themselves.  With your story as a guide you too can soar to industry stardom. 

Let your story speak: How do you share your brand story?  What are you doing to make your name and your story synonymous?

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One Response to “An Important Branding Lesson from Michael Vick”

  1. Nicholas says:

    This blog hits the nail right on the head. It’s all about branding. If Michael Vick can redeem himself, almost anyone can.

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