The Celebrification of Ashley Dupre

March 19th, 2008

You can’t deny this – Paris Hilton has somehow morphed into an A-list celebrity. Maybe because of her parents’ riches; maybe the infamous sex tape “leaked” to the press; and maybe it’s her ability to capture fans and audiences across the country by flirtatiously mouthing the words “That’s hot.” 

That’s old news by now, but the bottom line is that she’s created a brand for herself and – in contradiction to what many people she could have ever accomplished – she’s been successful at doing so.

This brings us to the recent news that Georgi Vodka has announced it is considering using Ashley Dupre, NY’s ex-governor Spitzer’s now “famous” call girl, as its annual “Butt” the brand posts on the back of New York City taxi cabs and buses. Martin Silver, the CEO of Star Industries who also owns rights to Georgi’s brand, say they are offering Dupre a six-figure contract and believe the new face, er “butt,” of their brand will increase Georgi sales and profits this year. 

Dupre’s offers aren’t ending there.  Pose nude? Star in porn films? Appear on Jay Leno and David Letterman? Rumor has it she’s even been offered a contract nearing a million bucks to tour with the upcoming Girls Gone Wild brigade.  Her face is splattered across every local and national newspaper, and many media mavens believe her story will sell for millions.  

Can she follow in Paris’ … um … footsteps… and turn herself into a brand?

Rewind to 2005 and the new Carl’s Jr. branding initiative.  The company chose and bravely stood behind Paris Hilton as the face (and body) for Carl’s Jr.  Do you remember the buzz Paris’s sexually driven car wash commercial drummed up for the popular burger joint?  Parents and watchdog groups complained the commercials were far too sexually explicit. Still, the commercials drew thousands and generated more of a media blitz than any regular old dud soaping up a Bentley could have.   Regardless, it helped catapult Paris into the stratosphere.

So, can Client 9‘s call girl become a celebrity?  How long will she garner public interest?  Is this a classic case of fifteen minutes of fame – or is our society really ready to dub an ex call-girl its newest “It girl”?

However it turns out, it’s a helluva way to brand yourself.

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