No Pain, No Gain

March 21st, 2008

While I’m no psychologist, I constantly find that my profession overlaps with the psychology realm and how we derive our emotions, motivations and decisions.  I’m not the only one who sees this overlap.  In their new book, Neuromarketing, Patrick Renvoise and Christophe Morin discuss the most recent advances in brain research.  These two authors suggest that people make emotional decisions whether they are in aisles of their local drug store deciding between different brands of toothpaste to buy or in the boardroom making executive decisions.  Because decisions are based on emotions, our job is to diagnose the pain.  In other words, raise the right questions and pay attention to clients’ answers since real pain usually rests below the conscious level.  Word of caution: be ready to expose pain your clients didn’t even know they had.  Once you diagnose the pain, it’s much easier to craft a message that concretely shows how to eliminate it.

After all, no pain, no gain.

Okay, it’s Friday. More on this next week…

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