Manifesto – more than a mission statement

September 30th, 2011

Lots of companies cobble together mission statements.  Sadly, most get framed behind the receptionist, never to be seen again.  If that’s you, there is still time to make it better. Take the thing off the wall.  Read it.  If it no longer works, redo it.  If it still works, then activate it.  Missions aren’t meant to sit on the page, they’re meant to inspire.

When people are passionate about their missions, (politics, breast cancer, privacy, freedom) they can’t stop talking about them.  They become true evangelists.  If your mission is real, it could and should rise to the next level — the manifesto.  A manifesto is a mission statement on steroids.  FastCompany started their magazine with one.  Gap’s Red campaign also used one.

Here’s one off our own website for the power of story. Take a look and see if you can feel it, too.

Power of Story

Have you heard? A brand new chapter in marketing is unfolding—and if you’re not on the same page, you might miss the ending. It’s the new story. The next story.

As brands learn to walk upright and connect with consumers, the power of story is being discovered as marketing’s missing link. Mass marketing has evolved into intimate stories with rich detail and deep experiences.

This newest and oldest form of marketing is overturning 25 years of conformist thinking on the fundamentals of human communications. New rules are being written for the way people relate, receive, process, share and act on information. PowerPoints are being unbound. Brand messages are being freed. No part of branding and business life is immune.

A new marketing playbook has emerged. Its cutting edge tools and techniques feel more like familiar old friends—narrative, authenticity, relevance, participation, surprise, community and engagement.

This is not your father’s bedtime story. This is what every marketing campaign wants to be when it grows up—a powerful, memorable, repeatable story. Creativity is just the price of admission. It requires listening, contextual mapping, discovery, invention, reflection and refinement. And one more thing—you. You’re at the center of this movement.

Marketing’s second act is about to begin. That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it.

Mission Possible: Does your mission – either corporate or personal – reflect what it should?

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