The Color Commitment

October 5th, 2011

Choosing colors for your brand is like choosing a pair of glasses. Before you choose, you try different pairs of glasses and think about what they’ll say about you. Color works the same way for your brand. Which is why understanding how colors work together and what they mean will keep you from making a branding decision that you’ll regret a week later. But not everyone knows to give color that much thought. That’s why we put together our series on the importance of color in branding and marketing.  Each post has a different focus, but all support one idea: choose your colors wisely. Missed any of the posts? Here’s a recap:

Post 1: Color is talking, are you listening?

Sometimes you have to pick a favorite. Make sure your brand isn’t being weighed down by too many colors. Your brand should “own” one color and be identified by it. Too many colors can easily confuse your message.

Post 2: Color would like you to get to know its wheel

The color wheel is your friend. Use it as a reference every time you create color palettes.  This will help you understand the relationship colors have with each other.  Learning the color vocabulary will help you better understand how colors are combined.

Post 3: “Feel” the colors around you

Colors can silently affect people’s moods and perceptions of your brand. So make sure to research your industry and choose your colors accordingly.

Post 4: Color has a job in every medium

Don’t limit colors to logos and the printed page. Think of your brand as a whole and keep in mind how you’ll translate the color of your logo to your marketing and advertising campaigns – both in print and on the small screen.

What was your favorite post and how did it help you? We would love to know your thoughts about this series.

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