Revenge of the Right Brain

April 15th, 2008

Now that we’re swimming in what’s been named the “Conceptual Age,” or the age of the right brain, I’ve been trying to whip my right brain back into shape. Because I work in an industry where we rarely have a tangible product to bring to a client, it’s my right brain that pushes the inner artist in me to sell big picture ideas and create memorable experiences for clients.

The fact is, the majority of our clients rarely see us in action or know how we do business. As a result, utilizing our inner artist is a huge factor in helping them “feel the process.” That’s why I’ve always said that great PR is often a marketing performance; where a memo is a performance, an email is an experience, a brainstorm is improvisational acting and a presentation is pure show business. Take the risks. Put yourself out there on stage. Realize it’s okay to be out of your comfort zone—it means you’re continually pushing the envelope.

There are many authors jumping on the right brain bandwagon. Patrick Renvoise and Christophe Morin talk about it in Neuromarketing. Daniel Pink argues that it’s time for our imaginative right brain to take center stage in A Whole New Mind. Pink argues “these abilities have always been part of what it means to be human. It’s just that after a few generations in the Information Age, many of our high-concept, high-touch muscles have atrophied. The challenge is to work them back into shape.” Now get to work and whip that right brain back into shape.

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