Wherein I Confess My Love for Mommy Blogging

May 15th, 2008

“Print will never die!”

It’s the rallying cry for veteran reporters and newspaper executives across the country. But, print media is losing the battle to the web in the way people get news. Just recently, a nearly century-old daily newspaper stopped printing. But the newspaper, The Capital Times
of Madison, Wisconsin, didn’t close shop completely. They put all of their resources into an online edition.

I can sympathize with lovers of print media, for I too would rather hold a hard copy in my hands rather than fry my eyes as I read news on my computer screen—with one exception: blogs.

I love blogs. I have loved blogs for three years. Sports blogs, political blogs, industry blogs, blogs about the weather, you name it. But, one blog topic, and one blog site in particular, has become my recent obsession—Mommy Blogging.

“What’s a mommy blog?” you ask. Simple. A web log written by a mother that details the experiences of parenthood.

Of the many “Mommy Blogs” out there, there’s really only one that I check daily, and that’s Heather B. Armstrong’s Armstrong, 31, of Salt Lake City, Utah, has been blogging since 2001 and describes her blog as a place to talk about poop, boobs, her dog and daughter, in that order. Oh, and “dooced” means to lose one’s job because of one’s website. Topics range from her pregnancy, her post-partum
depression, skin cancer, her sex life and even Al Roker’s nipples. (Yes, you read that right.)

Armstrong’s blog provides an extremely candid view on something I’ll never experience—motherhood. And Armstrong doesn’t just post things like, “Timmy got a new bike today and rode it all by himself with no training wheels … boy is he getting big!” Rather, she posts entries that will undoubtedly make her four-year-old daughter Leta blush, once she learns to read.

Here’s an excerpt from a post on May 2: “And what about that time I wrote about your poop, aren’t you going to be mortified when your classmates read about that in sixth grade? Leta, chances are that all the kids you’re going to know in sixth grade will have spent the first three years of their lives sh*tting their pants, too. Oh wait, THAT’S WHAT HUMANS DO. WHO KNEW?”

Armstrong has caught flack for her outspokenness from critics who call her blog posts egotistical and exploitative. Some even call it child abuse. But in response to her critics, Armstrong offers this, “Try as they might, I will not be discouraged from continuing to document the beauty of life with my family or supporting them with an income from doing so. “

She was recently on The Today Show to defend her position and stick up for others in the business of Mommy Blogging.

I’ll say this—yes, it seems like Armstrong might be compromising the privacy of her family. But, she’s making a living, providing for her husband and daughter and entertaining millions.

To all Mommy Bloggers: blog on!

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