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February 14th, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.  Today we felt it only fitting to blog about an emotion we don’t often discuss in our daily business.  Today we are going discuss–yes you guessed it– love. 

To be regarded as a love-brand is a status all brands aspire to reach and one only few can achieve.  You see love is loyalty beyond reason.  It’s what transforms a customer from being committed to a brand, to feeling like they can’t live without it.  It’s what creates life-long customer devotion and evangelism for companies like Apple, Harley Davidson and Coca-Cola.

Becoming a love-brand is no easy feat.  To be considered a love-brand, companies should ask themselves the following questions:

  • Does your brand become inserted in consumers’ ever day lives?
  • Does your brand become part of key life moments?
  • Have consumers personalized it?


  • Does it cause a rave reaction?


  • Does it extend beyond the offering?

No brand demonstrates this kind of unconditional customer love more than our darling Wawa.  Hailed as a “Convenience Cult” by the New York Times, Wawa is a place that feels like home to its customers, that is not simply a nice to have, but a place they truly can’t live without.  It’s a place where millions of customers have forged lasting relationships with their favorite Wawa Associate… a place so special to its customers, some have chosen to get married in their stores, or display their infinite loyalty through a Wawa tattoo:

PhillyMag put it perfectly this year in the article “It’s a Wawa world.”  

Happy Valentine’s Day Wawa.  We love you!

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