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June 21st, 2012

With Brave, the highly anticipated Scottish fairytale premiering in theaters this Friday June 22nd, we couldn’t help but wonder what the secret is to Pixar’s strong reputation and record-breaking box office sales.

Pixar's newest film Brave premieres this Friday

Could it be the high quality of Pixar’s animation or the humorous voiceovers of John Ratzenberger? Although both of these characteristics give Pixar an edge, the unique stories that Pixar tells ultimately entice moviegoers to line up on opening night.

Brave follows the tale of Merida, who must save her kingdom from a witch’s curse, while discovering the meaning of bravery. Instead of producing a stereotypical “happily ever after” fairytale, Pixar chose to model Brave after The Brothers Grimm.

In honor of Brave’s premiere, Pixar compiled a list of twenty-two rules of storytelling. As a company that focuses on “stories worth spreading”, we decided to take a look.

According to Pixar, one of the most important aspects of storytelling is putting a story down on paper so that it can be tweaked. Pixar claims that there is no reason to keep an idea in your head and promotes group brainstorming, which mirrors our company’s attitude toward group collaboration. Before composing a story the writer must think, “Why must I tell THIS story?” By defining the purpose of your story, you will create a product that not only expresses your burning belief, but relates to your audience as well.

Pixar also believes it is important to disregard the first few ideas that come to mind; by doing so, you eliminate the obvious and create work that will surprise you and your audience.

Although we may not be saving kingdoms at Braithwaite Communications, we understand the power of a strong story and wish Pixar the best of luck on Brave’s opening weekend.

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