Coca-Cola: Saving Face by Saving Waists

January 28th, 2013

One of the latest ads to hit the airways, Coca-Cola’s “Coming Together” campaign, has an interesting focus: fighting obesity. This message was chosen by Coca-Cola as a response to the negative perceptions from consumers and stakeholders. From this ad we can learn how to use a plan, an idea of making a product better and how to make it sing to the heart to turn a negative outlook into a positive one.

1. Plan Early and Often: Coca-Cola shows a plan to fight obesity with changes like creating lower calorie options and smaller portions. The commercial engages the audience by asking them to get involved, and the key to this is the purchase of Coca-Cola products.

2. Keep it Simple: A major part of Coca-Cola’s plan is the idea that it is making consumers’ lives easier with its efforts of creating smaller portions, as well as making caloric intake easier to see and understand. Coca-Cola goes to great lengths to ensure its products easily fit into the consumer’s life and wedges another positive quality into the human mind.  

3. Tug on their Heartstrings: The commercial starts off with a powerful narrative of Coca-Cola’s storied 125-year history, using images of the brand bringing families and friends together. The brand also establishes a relationship with the audience, reminding the viewers of how Coca-Cola’s brand holds a special place in the hearts of many.

In addition to the points above, one of the most impactful parts of the commercial is Coca-Cola’s story involves a call for action to its consumers. Every advertisement has a message, but Coca-Cola spells it out to the audience in an effort to ensure the company is viewed as a problem fixer, rather than the problem starter.

Our CEO, Hugh Braithwaite, had conflicting views, looking at the campaign from the perspectives of a father as well as a PR pro. “As a father, I am a little skeptical that they are doing this for any other reason than to sell more product,” says Hugh. “But as a PR professional, I think it was the right move.”

Check out further insights in the article on PRWeek and let us know what you think. Do you agree with what Coca-Cola did? Should they have approached it differently? Let us know your thoughts!

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