How Does Barack Spell Experience? B-I-D-E-N

August 25th, 2008

Joe Biden gesticulatingEveryone’s abuzz with the news that Barack Obama has chosen Joe Biden as his Vice Presidential candidate for his run at the White House. With his vast foreign relations experience and time spent on Capitol Hill, Biden may be a political asset, but is he as a communications asset?

Obama speaks glowingly about Biden’s experience, referring to the Delaware Senator as a fighter for the middle class and calling him a “scrappy kid from Scranton who beat the odds.”

So the reasoning behind the choice and the corresponding message to be communicated seems clear. The Obama camp will play up Biden’s experience as the yin to the young Barack’s yang and it will tout their tireless efforts for the middle class as their common ground. Seems logical enough.

The challenge is that the Republicans are already mobilized for attack on the experience front. Their first ad since Obama’s veep announcement uses Biden’s own words against him. While campaigning against Obama, Biden said he didn’t think Obama had the experience to be in the white house.  He also says that he would be honored to run with John McCain. Ouch. Your own running mate saying you’re inexperienced and how much he respects your opponent isn’t great.

So Biden may be a boost to Obama at some point in the race but a quick tally calls this one a double communications whammy. Come November no one may remember but right now Biden for VP smells like PU for Obama Communications.



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