Content Management Systems- Which is Right for You?

March 24th, 2014

A company’s website is often its #1 business development tool.  However, an outdated or low functioning site can just as easily send prospects running, right into a competitor’s arms.  When looking to conduct a website facelift, the options are plentiful: design direction, graphic strategy, color palette, navigation structure, analytics partners, widgets and much more!  But one choice that is often overlooked, or undervalued, is selecting a Content Management System (CMS).

There are four major players in the current CMS landscape: WordPress, Expression Engine, Drupal and Joomla.  While they’re all powerful, flexible solutions, the best CMS option is completely contingent upon the end website goals.  Here are some basic pros and cons of each CMS to help narrow the field:


WordPress is an open source content management system with a large user base for plug-in and widget sharing. It’s known for its basic CMS interface – no administrator (admin) HTML knowledge required – and strong blog capabilities. While WordPress requires the least admin training of the big four CMSs, it is also the least secure.

Expression Engine

Expression Engine is a modular content management system known for customizable plug-ins, good overall design, and an easy to use CMS interface. Some initial training is required, but an admin doesn’t need any HTML knowledge, which is a plus. Expression Engine’s best feature is that it is the strongest of the big four CMSs in website security.


Drupal, an open source content management system, is developer and admin friendly. Similar to Expression Enginge, no admin HTML knowledge is required, just initial training. It has a large user base for plug-ins and widget sharing. Drupal is best of the big four CMSs for large (2k+ page) websites.


Joomla, a third open source content management system, has a much less intuitive admin interface, and some admin HTML knowledge is required. While gaining some HTML knowledge is never a bad thing to learn, Joomla is the least flexible of the big four CMSs.

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