The Top PR and Marketing Monsters to Avoid this Halloween

October 31st, 2014

Happy Halloween, Storytellers! With all of the scary Halloween tales out there, you may think that vampires and zombies are the scariest monsters to avoid this season. However, in the PR and marketing world, there are much scarier ghouls to look out for.  Here are the top PR and marketing monsters to look out for, and how you can avoid falling into their claws this Halloween.

Internet Trolls

These monsters are ready to stir the pot at any given chance. We’ve all been there: you create a Facebook post or tweet, hoping to get insightful comments only to receive unwarranted, negative replies. Suddenly, the comment board is flooded with hysteria from these creatures emerging from under their bridges, decrying your brand and doing their best to tarnish your image. While creating a clear code of conduct for your site’s commentary ahead of time is one way to dissuade trolls, they are known to be a stubborn bunch. Make sure to develop a system for responding to nasty remarks and don’t be afraid to ban them!

Data Thieves

If these thieves lurk out of the shadows and hack their way into your system, the results could be gruesome. You and your existing clients’ information can be at the disposal of these crooks and your brand’s reputation could be tangled up in a web of distrust. Cybersecurity is an evolving issue for companies across the board, but one thing that can help to mitigate your vulnerability is a proactive approach. You can’t see them coming, but assume data thieves are always lurking nearby!

Zombie Tweets

Tons of brands have them, and their presence has recently begun to spread. A few months ago, your brand mistakenly tweeted something that caused a bit of controversy. You managed the situation correctly and thought that the tweet had died. Suddenly, out of the blue, the dreaded tweet has come back to life, and you need to figure out how to kill it before a brand apocalypse can strike. To avoid a zombie tweet invasion, always maintain an open and transparent dialogue around your misguided tweet and you’ll keep those zombies at bay.

Mailer Daemon

Every PR professional fears the dreaded message from the Mailer Daemon. You have crafted a pitch that you know that a reporter will love. However, when you try to get the word out about your story, the Mailer Daemon strikes. The Mailer Daemon can appear at any moment, and steal the soul of your precious, well crafted email. Be sure you’re keeping your contact lists current and the right spam filter settings in place.

We hope your Halloween is filled with plenty of candy, costumes and creativity—and no PR and Marketing monsters!

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