Reasons to be Thankful for Social Media

November 20th, 2014

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we were thinking about the things in the communications world we’re thankful for (in addition, of course, to how thankful we are for our friends, families, colleagues and clients!). This year, we’re giving thanks to the rise of social media. Social media has brought about new ways in which we can distribute content and engage with an audience. The increasing popularity of social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have redefined and enhanced how we spread our stories.


The most well-known of the social sites, Facebook currently has approximately 1.35 billion active users per month, which also makes it the largest social site in the world. With its expansive network of users, it gives brands the chance to share their stories easily on a global scale.

Facebook is a great outlet to leverage when looking to share content from other websites. YouTube videos can be embedded into a post and users don’t need to leave the site to view them. This integrated technology is appealing because once people are on Facebook, they aren’t likely to leave the site just to watch a video. We‘re thankful for this feature because it provides a greater chance to have our content viewed.


With only 140 available characters, stories must be kept brief when using Twitter, which can be challenging at times. However, the platform also offers great resources to help target an appropriate audience. Tools such as Twello give us the ability to search for users by subject, genre or location. For example, if your brand is targeting people who play or enjoy watching soccer, you can search “soccer” to receive a list of accounts related to the sport.

Twitter offers an advanced search feature to search by words, phrases or accounts for people of interest to you. These tools allow brands to build successful Twitter accounts from the ground up, and for that, we’re thankful.


The average engagement per Instagram post has risen 461 percent in the past two years! So now, more than ever, it’s essential to be active on this app. Instagram is unique because it targets a younger demographic and offers an interesting way to showcase a brand. It’s geared more toward artistic expression via photographs, which can be edited directly in the app. This feature allows users to take an otherwise bland photo, and easily crop it, add a filter or adjust the lighting to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Like Twitter, Instagram uses hashtags to group photos for easy searching. For example, if you’re targeting those who are looking for jobs, it’s simple to add #jobhunt to the caption.

Recently, Instagram released a new app called Hyperlapse. This app allows users to shoot videos and speed them up into fast, time-lapse shots. The app is free and user friendly, which means even an amateur can create an attention-grabbing video. After shooting a video with Hyperlapse, apply filters that match your marketing message or ethos to appeal to your audience. Another feature allows users to stitch together multiple shots, which is great when recording events. We’re thankful that with the combination of these two simple tools, we can produce powerful marketing videos that are exciting to watch.

Which social network are you the most thankful for? Which sites will you use to engage your audience? Tweet us @BeOnTheBall.

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