March 29th, 2007

LIFE – the magazine, that is – is over. The last issue of the 71-year-old magazine, which had its heyday as a glossy magazine from 1936 to 1972, will appear as the slimmed-down newspaper insert we know it as now on April 20th. The brand will continue online as a free library of the magazine’s famous photographs.

Getting a client in LIFE, along with the Saturday Evening Post and TIME, was a homerun for the earliest PR people in a world where TV sets were rare, and it deserves the fond memories many people have of it. But to me, LIFE is really on the cutting edge of the new marketing world. It’s going online and it’s pared down to just old photos. As people become bombarded with information, maybe this is what they really want? Or what they will really want. And we PR people should take notice. After all, somehow LIFE will go on….

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