Really Philly?

October 30th, 2008

Last night The Philadelphia Phillies won the team’s first world championship since 1980 and the city’s first major sports championship in a quarter century. And while the Phils came up huge, many of the fans came up small with their post game pillaging — and the city’s perception suffered another mighty blow.

Known as the city whose fans threw snowballs at Santa Claus, this was a chance for Philadelphians to shed the thug moniker and show the nation that they can be rowdy without being reckless. Maybe next time.

Fans feverishly fed into the stigma by throwing potted trees and newspaper boxes through windows of retail stores  in Center City and then engaged in a little recreational looting. In one case two men shattered the window at Robertson’s luggage and made off with a half dozen suitcases. I guess they heard MVP Cole Hamels say he was going to Disney World and they got a sudden urge to travel as well.

Can’t you just see the national headlines now, “Phoolish” or “Philthadelphia.” Unfortunately in this case they’ll be well deserved. As Philadelphians we know that this is very small and very stupid vocal minority. We also know that perception is reality and this is just one more incident that tarnishes the reputation of this great city. This was clearly a missed opportunity for us to shine on the national scene.

So to all those great fans who supported and screamed their lungs out for Phils on this exciting ride, we say great job. And to those fans who acted like knuckleheads and helped play into the stereotypes, we’ve got just one thing to say – you Ph*$%ked up!

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