An Apple a Day…but Just One Tweet?

January 27th, 2009

Newsflash: there are new ways to communicate today. Blogs are good (shameless self-promotion), and we all know that social networking tools like LinkedIn and Twitter can be effective for businesses and professionals of all kinds.

But, when they’re bad, they’re really BAD. Case in point, this Tweet by media maestro James Andrews about his trip to Memphis:

Feel free to check out the backlash. Now, before you say, “Who cares? So, he doesn’t like Memphis …” a few things to consider:

  1. Andrews is a vice president for Ketchum, one of the largest PR firms in the world;
  2. Andrews was about to make a big presentation to a little client named FedEx;
  3. Someone from FedEx’s Memphis office read the entry;
  4. The offended employee zipped the post and a lengthy reply to big wigs at FedEx AND Ketchum; and
  5. FedEx is headquartered in – you guessed it – MEMPHIS.

Major oops. Enter lots of apologies. Taken out of context it isn’t a big deal. But, James wasn’t just any outsider. Ketchum gets paid millions of dollars to help FedEx communicate mo’ better. Adding insult to injury, FedEx just handed out 5 percent pay cuts, yet its high-priced communication helper Ketchum was still on board.

To quote Andrews’ respondent, “A hazard of social networking is people will read what you write.” So, use your social media to say what you want, but know the consequences.

Personally, I think he’s as … oh wait, I better not.

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