Grandpa, What Does “T.V.” Stand For?

May 16th, 2007

TV is out! It’s true. The days of lying in front of the boob tube and wresting for the remote are over. My grandchildren will never know the joy of channel surfing or the 60-second spot.

Why the melodrama? A new report from Media-Screen shows that broadband users spend almost half their spare time in a typical weekday online. In fact, 90 percent of people send emails during their spare time, and 81 percent spend it surfing the web. Only 63 percent watch television. 63 percent? What is happening to this world of ours? Gone are the days where we sat around the tele as a family watching I Love Lucy. Instead, we now watch mash-ups of Lucy and Desperate Housewives put to techno music on YouTube.

So what does this mean for marketers? The 7 percent of ad dollars spent online is simply not enough. There is clearly an audience there, as the web is getting more and more of our time – not just during the work day, but at night and on weekends too. We need to recognize that the web does not, and will not, deliver ads in the same way as TV (just as TV does not deliver ads like radio, and radio not like print).

NBC this week announced its 2007 fall line-up. Important for the big advertisers, but not nearly as interesting as the interactive partners to the primetime shows. Here’s a sample:

● Lipstick Jungle – a fully editorialized online publication co-branded by and, featuring fashion profiles, relationship advice, articles, quizzes and forums.
● Bionic Woman – “anatomy of a scene” feature will show how the biggest scenes of the week are filmed using camera tricks, special effects and other production secrets.
● Chuck – hotspots revealing top-secret government information and bonus video.
● Journeyman – Users will be able to track Dan’s travel through time with an interactive online video timeline. Scene comparisons reveal how show producers recreate the authentic look of locations from earlier years.
● Life – Fans will be able to further investigate Billy’s conspiracy wall, hidden in his home.

Yes – you read that right. Bionic Woman is coming back to television. As for TV itself, well, it just may still be around long enough to air the first few seasons…

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