See a Penny, Pick it Up…

April 8th, 2009

In today’s fast-paced society where the only thing anyone seems to care about is being skinny and rich, CiCi’s Pizza is coming out on top. The company has officially figured out how to market to the typical American customer in today’s hard times.

After ranking extremely well in Men’s Health magazine’s “Eat This, Not That,” Restaurant Report card, which aims to help people eat healthier outside of the home, CiCi’s decided to tackle another national issue: discounted goods.

Already home of the $5 endless pizza buffet, CiCi’s will now be dropping a million pennies labeled with discounts outside of their stores nationwide. The wide-eyed recipients of the “Penny Picker Upper” campaign will find coupons including a free kid’s drink, kid’s meal or all-you-can-eat buffet ($5 value). And just in case you were planning on keeping the penny, don’t. Every penny returned to the store will be donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Some people may question the degrading manner of having to pick something up off the ground in order to get a good deal, but I personally feel different. Yes, I am one of those people who has stood in line at Six Flags and gone through the trash to take out other guests old coke cans with a buy one ticket get one free coupon on it. I instantly forgot how degrading it was when I had an extra $25 in my pocket. If the much less shameful gesture of picking a penny up off the ground will instantly save me some money, any money, then I am in.

CiCi’s has touched an American nerve, in a good way. They’re offering cheap, semi-healthy food and are raising money and awareness for a reputable charity. Most people would agree that in this economy, every penny really does count.

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