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June 8th, 2009

I say, “Tweet,” you say, “Twitter.” No? Thinking about chirping birds? Well, think again. It’s time, once and for all, to understand Twitter.

Twitter is a social messaging website that provides a real-time network for sharing information. Users send and receive messages—“Tweets”—that are limited only in length (140 characters). A user can follow others and be followed. Twitter has its own language and TIME’s cover story last week was “How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live.” Twitter is exploding.

But, enough about what Twitter is. More importantly, why do I Tweet? Three reasons:

1. Learn
2. Share
3. Communicate

Every time I log into Twitter, I learn. An article. An insight. A question. Could be anything. Sometimes, I share information. It’s exactly what we advise our clients—strive to be a thought leader on a topic. Recently, I watched Larry King interview Catherine Falk (daughter of actor, Peter Falk) and her lawyer Troy Martin. Troy wasn’t ready. Sure, he knew the facts, but couldn’t articulate a clear message. We media train people and it was clear to me he needed it, badly. I Tweeted that. Proof again, being an expert isn’t enough when speaking with the media and to millions of viewers.

The third reason I Tweet is I want to be adept at communicating in today’s world. To me, that includes being able to express myself in 140 characters or fewer. (That was 130 characters.)

So, should you Tweet? Should your company or your organization? In most cases, the answer is yes. Twitter is a tremendous tool. Just like any marketing strategy, when executed properly, social media is a powerful way to communicate directly with your audience—to learn from them and to share information with them. What other way can you get real-time, direct-access to your audience?

Braithwaite Communications @beontheball tweets as does our entire staff. If you want to know how you can use Twitter, ask any of us.

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