Field of Dreams

June 9th, 2009

Even in a recession, die hard sports fan will continue to spend money on anything associated with their team. Or so it seems at least for the fans of the Yankees – who have literally taken to the field to find a few extra dollars in the economic downturn. Yes, it’s true. The team hat, jersey, blanket, boxer shorts, lamps, giant blow-up doll, chair, baseball, pin, cup, personalized shot-glass set are not enough for the super fan.

For customers of Stadium Associates, fandom is in their roots. Grass roots, actually. Enter Yankee Sod, grass seed and sod drawn from the very same farm and crops that have supplied Yankee Stadium for the past four decades. (For all of those in the Philly area, the farm is actually nearby in South Jersey.)

The business is straightforward: Stadium Associates resells the product through their website and Home Depot. But, the real genius is in the marketing. The company is leveraging real, dedicated, energized, passion about something. It already exists – the audience is in place. All they wanted was another way to show their pride, have a laugh, and start a conversation. Most of all, it’s simple to understand and easy to do. One could say baseball is the same way.

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