Binging Google

June 10th, 2009

What’s this? A good marketing launch from Microsoft? Will wonders never cease?

Last week, Microsoft officially rolled out its new search engine, Bing. And ya know what? This was a good launch (I know – I’m stunned too). Just some really smart marketing backing a product that, even in this age of hype, seems to exceed expectations (of course, this is at least partially due to the fact that Microsoft rarely lives up to expectations).

Here’s what Microsoft has done well:

They created a new category – it’s a decision engine, not just a search engine.

They coined a name for the problem Bing solves – Search Overload Syndrome.

The ad campaign is both clever and effectively makes the point that Google, as amazing as it is, frequently just dumps ten pounds of stuff into a five pound bag when it comes to delivering search results.

Bing isn’t just a me-too search engine. It categorizes the information it delivers to the screen, so if you search on “turkey” you get distinct categories of images, recipes, facts, and maps of the country.

Bing has gotten good traction early, and the media has noticed. Perhaps most importantly, it’s gotten good reviews from the tech community.

So … well done, Microsoft! Although, I have to say that I’m a little disappointed they didn’t find a way to include Ned Ryerson.


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