Catching a 99 Cent Cab?

June 23rd, 2009

99 cents for a cab ride in New York City? Sounds like a pretty good deal when a typical NYC cab ride costs between $10 and $20 (sometimes even more) depending on traffic.

During the month of June, Verizon is showing people the value of a dollar to raise awareness for their prepaid cellular plans. These plans charge a mere 99 cents a day as a usage fee, but not many consumers are aware they exist. Verizon’s guerilla campaign, “99 cents does more”, intends to show consumers just how far 99 cents can get you.

On June 10, 99 cents took New Yorkers pretty far as Verizon sponsored a fleet of 40 cabs that transported commuters from the key transit hubs during rush hour. Passengers were treated to a ride to anywhere in Manhattan for just 99 cents.

In addition to cheap taxi rides, Verizon will show New Yorkers a sweet deal on June 23. Trucks will be set up around the city serving Mr. Softee Ice Cream for 99 cents.

Verizon isn’t the only company to launch a recession-based marketing campaign. Sharpie has developed an online community where users can share affordable and creative tips using Sharpie. Giant’s campaign has also jumped on the recession bandwagon by providing online coupons for customers with a Giant Bonus Card.

In these times of economic recession, everyone is pinching pennies. As a result, companies must find a way to reach consumers in a time when many are hesitant to splurge. Verizon’s campaign shows that you don’t always have to spend a lot of money for quality. Through their guerilla tactics, Verizon is teaching New Yorkers the all-important value of a dollar.

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