July 22nd, 2009

We’ve been doing a lot of work here lately helping our clients establish and leverage blogs.  Everyone from a consumer retailer to a b-to-b technology company wants to get in the game, but they’re scared of the time commitment, negative comments, and the “where to start” factor.  They’re all barriers that can stop a blog before it ever starts, but there are ways to get around all three.  Here are some tips for how it can be done well:

Engage different parts of the company – because blogging can be time consuming, the more voices you have on a company blog the less of a burden it will be on one or two people.  It’s true for this blog – we each write about once a month, which is easy.  And we still have enough content to (hopefully) keep readers coming back.  If a company wants to be involved in blogging, they need to open the medium up to multiple members of their internal team.

Be a thought partner – most of our clients think they need to write a white paper or novella for a blog entry.  Clearly, we all know that’s not true.  So to combat the “where to start” dilemma, we’ve engaged our client/authors one-on-one in 20 minute calls where we walk them through some possible ideas for a blog.  We start where all blogs should start – with their audience.  “What have you been talking about with customers?”  It’s simple enough.  And with the right follow-up questions, we can easily get all the raw material we need for an interesting and insightful post.

Encourage conversation – once we get a blog up-and-running, clients are often concerned about whether anyone is reading it.  The truth is, that’s a shared responsibility.  Since they have regular contact with a large portion of their audience, we give each author 5 tips for promoting their blog entry.  It goes a long way.  And once they start to see real dialogue, they’ll stop worrying about the stray negative comment and treat it as the opportunity it is.

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