CareerBuilder offers an entertaining survey

August 14th, 2009

The media loves surveys.  And as this one proves, the funnier and more entertaining – the better.  This article showed up on the BizJournals website today.  The lesson: even if your results are uninteresting, your responses may be enough to get you media coverage. Just don’t be too suntanned.

Think you’ve heard some strange complaints from employees about their co-workers? A recent survey of more than 2,600 hiring managers by CareerBuilder highlighted some of the oddest complaints about others in the office.
The complaints include:
* Employee is too suntanned
* Employee has big hair
* Employee eats all the good cookies
* Employee is so polite, it’s infuriating
* Employee suspected co-worker was a pimp
* Employee is trying to poison me
* Employee’s body is magnetic and keeps de-activating my magnetic access card
* Employee is personally responsible for a federally-mandated tax increase
* Employee was annoyed the company didn’t provide a place for naps during break time
* Employee only wears slippers or socks at work
* Employee’s aura is wrong
* Employee smells like road ramps
* Employee breathes too loudly
* Employee wants to check a co-worker for ticks
* Employee wore pajamas to work
* Employee has bells on her shoes and it’s not the holidays
* Co-worker reminded the employee too much of Bambi
* Employee spends too much time caring for stray cats around the building
* A male employee keeps using the ladies’ room because the men’s room is not as tidy.

The survey was conducted online by Harris Interactive among 2,667 hiring managers and human resource professionals.

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