Are You Twitter-Worthy?

September 1st, 2009

Twitter is, as the kids say, “blowin’ up.”  At last count there more than 14 million users posting millions of tweets every day on every topic imaginable from fantasy football, to hard news to someone’s Friday night plans. You can follow your friends, your favorite actor, your local politician, even one of the hottest marketing communications firms in Philadelphia (@beontheball).

But will all these tweeters and endless amounts of information flowing back and forth, how do you decide who to follow without getting information overload? Well in determining what Twitter-worthy is let’s look at how we define newsworthy when considering interactions with the media. They’re not exactly the same but there are some parallels. We say something is newsworthy if it has one of two things, market impact or reader value. Pretty simple right?

Twitter can be much more personal, so the idea of market impact doesn’t seem to be broadly applicable, but reader value is definitely a keeper. If someone is providing information that you find valuable on a daily basis, then that would seem to make them Twitter-worthy. Do we need a second criteria? Maybe life impact? Scratch that. Seems a bit heavy.

One Business Week blogger has his own ideas about why you should follow someone on Twitter. He says he looks for interesting content. Yes. That would be a good one. Boring content is probably something one would want to shy away from. He also looks for humor and “on the ground reporting.” He also stays away from people who get a lot of replies because he says it seems they are embroiled in conversation that likely don’t involve or interest him. Another good point.
The real point here is Twitter-worthiness is personal and subjective. It comes down to the kind of information you want to receive and who you want to receive it from. What’s Twitter-worthy to me (@sportsguy33) would be of no interest at all to say my wife and what’s twitter worthy to someone else may be of no interest to me.
So here’s the deal: follow who you feel provides valuable content. And if you want people to follow you, the same applies. Think of who you want your audience to be and make it your goal to provide consistent and valuable content to them. If it seems basic it is. But this Twitter thing aint that complex. It also isn’t going away. So to quote those crazy kids again, “go get your Tweet on.”

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