Quick Hits on a Big Day for Philly Papers

September 15th, 2009

Some quick hits on the morning of what might be a monumental decision in the history of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News…

By now, you know that Kanye West made a drunken scene at Sunday night’s VMA Awards. Even President Obama called West a “jackass” – albeit off the record.

West has spent the last 36 hours apologizing, and even seemed sincere last night on Jay Leno’s new show. Nice Kanye, but not enough. When you do something as universally condemned as what Kanye did, you need some serious PR. West needs to disappear for a while, and then figure out some way to truly make it right for Taylor Swift.

Maybe he can take some lessons from Beyonce, an innocent bystander who was dragged into the fiasco because West was “standing up for her.” When Beyonce won an award later in the night, she graciously called Swift back to the podium to speak, forfeiting her time in order to make things right. She should be applauded for giving up a little limelight to help Taylor Swift.

As we always say, every crisis presents both Danger and Opportunity. Beyonce found the opportunity in this crisis precisely because she wasn’t looking to spin the situation for PR purposes – she just acted like a human being.

As a Frank Sinatra-quoting friend likes to say, “that’s class.”

Lastly, this viral video from the Denmark Tourism folks is either brilliant or awful (maybe both, I can’t be sure). It certainly has created some buzz out there on the internets, but will it truly increase tourism? Or just offend people? The video is a fake plea from a significantly attractive woman looking for the father of her nine-month-old son. The message from Denmark is something like “we have nubile women who don’t hold grudges and who are available for easy sex, so come vacation in Denmark.”

That might or might not be good marketing, but it sure ain’t class.

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