No Snowballs Here, Phans

September 17th, 2009

Thank you, Emily Monforto, for putting a new face on Philadelphia phandom. For now, at least.

If you’re like me, then you know from experience that you never know what September baseball will bring. In recent Septembers – especially in Philadelphia – we’ve seen heroic feats from some amazing athletes ranging from walk-off grand slams to diving catches to shut-outs and no-hitters. But Tuesday night belonged to 3-year old Emily Monforto, who with one flip of the ball, showed the nation that our Philadelphia fans aren’t so bad after all.

It wasn’t a put-out from center field or a rifle from Ruiz or Lidge’s signature slider that made national headlines and the Today Show. It was an awkward toss from a toddler and a caring squeeze from a flabbergasted father that pushed aside a legacy of overzealous, raucous and downright embarrassing moments in Philly sports history, bringing touching image to the entire nation.

So, am I naïve enough to think people will forget about snowballs at Santa, heartless cheering of a terrible injury or the JD Drew battery incident? Not a chance. But at least one moment that shows the good-natured passion and love the majority of Philly fans have for their teams will be forever etched in our minds, hearts…and on YouTube.

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