The 40-30-30 Rule

November 18th, 2009

Michael Schwalbe writes about a lesson he learned as an alpine ski racer known as the “40-30-30 Rule.” His instructor explained that for most sports, success was only 40% physical training, and the other 60% was mental. Of that 60, 30% was technical skill and and experience and the other 30% was the willingness to take risks.

“To improve at anything, we must at some point push ourselves outside our comfort zone.”

This statement is true for many professions. As Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert notes, it’s more than just building on our skill sets where we learn the most. It’s when we take risks, put ourselves outside of our safe zones, push the envelope, that we truly reach our “highest level of performance.” Because learning how not to do something, then figuring how the right way to do it, is better than not having risked it in the first place.

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