A Second Glance

January 8th, 2010

Guest blog from agency “wintern” Pippa:

The best ads cast familiar objects and scenes in a new light, causing the viewer to stop in their tracks and give them a second glance. If you’ve been to the Philadelphia airport lately, you very well might have done a double take upon seeing AT&T’s painted hand advertisements gracing the terminal walls. They had that effect on me. Appearing in airport concourses and magazines and on in-flight tray tables, the ads feature human hands painted and positioned to look like exotic animals and famous landmarks from around the world – Big Ben in England, a coral reef in the Bahamas, the Great Wall in China, etc. Considering that the average consumer sees hundreds – if not thousands – of ads each day, the mark of a successful ad campaign is as simple as whether it inspires a second glance. In this case, mission accomplished.

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