When Social Media Meets Socially Conscious

January 19th, 2010

Recently explored the burgeoning expansion of Social Media, and concluded that marketers have become more accustomed to using Social Media then ever before, moving from the trial phase of their marketing efforts toward strategic use of the channel.   While the majority of marketers are still somewhere in between infancy and adulthood in regards to their social media prowess, about one-quarter of social media marketers have made it to the strategic phase of their efforts. Increasingly, these strategic efforts are incorporating the use of social media to push socially responsible causes.

Look no further than Seventh Generation, a brand of household and personal-care products marketed to be healthy and safe for your home.  For the first time in their 21 year history, the eco-friendly champion of house products is looking to engage consumers by launching their first national advertising campaign with a goal to educate consumers about protecting the planet. Central to the campaign is – you guessed it – the use of social media. Not only will you see their ads on television, print and online, but you’ll find the company spreading their green messages via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. They’re also trying to engage the online community through user-generated discussion forums on relevant topics.

And as further proof that marketing is increasingly going mobile, Seventh Generation has developed a downloadable Label Reading Guide application for the iPhone and mobile devices.  Who knows, this just might be the first company to prompt us to say: Social Responsibility? Yep, there’s an app for that.

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