Sex Sells Beer … and Contact Lenses?

February 1st, 2010

First, we had the Coors Light Twins. Now, we have the Contact Lens Twins. They’re blonde, twin models. They touch. They hold hands.

In 2004, then-33-year-old twins, Diane and Elaine Klimaszewski were hired to be the Coors Light Twins    And they made an instant hit. Their careers have skyrocketed and they’re now successful models and entrepreneurs.

They weren’t the first buxom blondes to hawk products. Nor was Coors the first to use sex to sell. Scantily clad women (and men) have appeared in print, online and on TV for as long as each media type has existed. They’ve sold shower gel, vodka, coffee beans, rum , and subs.  Basically, anything and everything.

But, contact lenses? Acuvue hired twin models, Kelly and Sabrina Aldridge  to film a 30-second TV ad for their product Acuvue Advanced. The 23-year-old models from St. Petersburg, Florida are actresses on the TV show “8th and Ocean.” Take a look and see if you notice anything: Acuvue TV Commercial

Okay, now let’s begin.

At 0:03, they touch; At 0:16, they hold hands; and at 0:18, they are close enough to kiss:

Sex sells, and surely this isn’t a novel concept.  What’s novel is that this marketing tactic is now being applied to a product as seemingly innocent as a contact lens.   Will it work?  Is it too much of a stretch?  Or is this a sign of things to come?  In my opinion, just like TV crews can’t get enough of babies and puppies, the general public can’t turn away from good old fashion sex-appeal.

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