Crisis Communications

Controlling the Narrative

In every crisis there are heroes and villains, victims and perpetrators, characters, settings, and rising and falling action. These are also the elements of narrative. And in dealing with the media, the one that tells the story first and best, controls the story—and their brand reputation.

In a time of crisis, perception is reality. As a top Philadelphia-based crisis communications firm, Braithwaite Communications helps you respond quickly, honestly, and effectively—to work with the media, not against them. With journalistic roots and a corporate conscience, our firm has worked in every form of media venue both local to Philadelphia and on a regional and national stage to minimize negative exposure, protect reputations and to control the public narrative.

Our crisis communications practice group has represented numerous Philadelphia area clients in high-stakes crises, including:

  • Product Recalls/Tampering
  • Employee Issues
  • High-profile Litigation
  • Injuries and Illnesses
  • Corporate Fraud
  • Crime and Violence
  • Environmental Issues and Incidents
  • Protests and Demonstrations
  • Labor Strikes
  • Abrupt Management Changes
  • Shareholder Incidents
  • Regulatory Scrutiny

Our crisis communications experts hold teaching positions in PR and crisis communications at Penn, Wharton and St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. Our crisis plan design approach has been adopted as a template by the American Red Cross. We host and facilitate a variety of crisis planning workshops, tabletop drills, full scale simulations and real-life training scenarios.

Our teams are poised and fully prepared to respond around the clock, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whether a crisis is unfolding or you need a crisis communications plan to prepare for one, contact Braithwaite Communications to enlist our expertise.



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